Yucca Studio is the independent Graphic Design Practice of Catarina Freitas.

Yucca Studio

Zurich, Switzerland

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The Team

Based in Zurich but working Worldwide, Yucca Studio is a small team of very experienced and multidisciplinary professionals, offering services in the areas of Art Direction, Editorial, Branding, Web and Creative Services.

Capable of addressing compound creative challenges, we create truthful connections with those around us, motivated by the desire of generating Design that matters. By exploring creativity, human values and collaboration, by valuing different and informed perspectives, we ensure a unique and dedicated attitude towards any challenge.

Permanent Team

Catarina Freitas Porto (Portugal)


Tânia Franco (Video), Diana Freitas (Web Developer), Duarte Tormenta (Graphic Designer), Inês Leal (Photography), Bárbara Caria (Designer), Plana Digital (Web Developer), Leonor Freitas (Front-End Developer), Francisca Freitas (Illustration)

Areas of Expertise

Art Direction, Graphic Design, Editorial Design, Branding, Video, Photography, Web Design, Web Development, UX/UI, Visual Identity, Poster Design, Exhibition Design, Naming & Content, Illustration

Founded in

October 2021

Selected Clients:

Lena Pogrebnaya(UKR), Betina Du Toit(FRA), Studio 8(VIEN & PT), Olivia Malone(LA), Brutus Studio(NYC), Mecha Studio(PT), Apex Botanicals(CAN), K'dara(USA), Quinta do Vesúvio(PT)

The Team

Catarina Freitas, born in 1996, is the Founder of Yucca. Graduated from ESAD, Catarina has a Master Degree on Graphic Design, and has been working in the field for over 5 years, focusing mainly on Editorial Design, Web and Art Direction.

In the past, she has worked in ESAD—idea (PT), Mecha Studio (PT), Brutus Studio (NYC), while also taking a side interest in the fiel of Education on Graphic Design and Critical Writing. Apart from Yucca, she currently practices Design in a NY based studio called Combo, while also working as a Freelancer for a variety of Studios Worldwide.

Beyond this, Catarina believes in genuine and engaged creation, having the opinion that our knowledge of the world has no value, except when we act to transform it.

The founder of Yucca Studio, Catarina Freitas