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"Alternative Society — We escaped" is a short story that consists mainly on a cry for change: an appeal for the change and renewal of values, by not only the new generations, but also the older ones.

Project by Yucca Studio

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Self Initiated


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Yucca Studio


Catarina Freitas


Yucca Studio

The book tells Vicente's story, a character who used to live in our world and is later recovered into a parallel Society. He presents us, in a sincere and attentive way, two very different realities: a polluted, degraded and silenced society, and an almost ideal one.

In the book, our world is characterised by disinterest in the life of books, forgetfulness, devaluation of dreams, laziness, carelessness and conflict. On the other hand, the Alternative Society explores the desires, the various senses, leisure and observation tome, the care in dealing with all the matters, creativity, as well as experimentalism, proactivity and dialogue.

Special Thanks:

Joana Rego

Antonino Jorge

Inês Leal

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