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"Graphic Design as a Subject, a Method and a Practice" consists in 3 graphic objects that work together to create a set of resources, designed to integrate and assist the beginning of the study (independent or formal) of Graphic Design.

Project by Yucca Studio

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Self Initiated


Art Director & Graphic Design:

Yucca Studio

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Yucca Studio


Steven Heller

"The Education of a Graphic Designer"

And Collective

"Teaching for people who prefer not to teach"


Yucca Studio

The project aims, in addition to providing an entry into the study/practice of graphic design, to address some problems related to the commitment to written texts and historical discourses, together with examining the possibilities for creating an open resource (hyper text/ infinitive canvas).

The publication aims to include critical and challenging texts from the design teaching paradigms, while exposing the uncertainties of competing methodologies.

In case you want to participate with original texts for the book, please contact us via email.

Special Thanks:

Gráfica Saúde Sá

Óscar Maia

Joana Rego

Antonino Jorge

Inês Leal

Catarina Pereira

Fernando Miranda

Alexandre Barbosa

Tânia Franco

Francisca Freitas

Bárbara Caria

Margarida Antunes

Sara Steege

Lourenço Providência

Andrew Howard

Daniel Bertini

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