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Yucca Studio had the privilege to redesign “Quinta do Vesúvio” website, where the seamless synergy of human endeavor and natural beauty thrives.

This harmonious balance, unique to the Douro region, evokes an enduring connection to the past. Our task was, then, to meld tradition and modernity in the website’s redesign.

By employing a blend of classic design elements and contemporary aesthetics, we achieved a simple, fluid, and user-friendly interface.

Project by Yucca Studio

Client & Year:

Quinta do Vesúvio



Art Director:

Catarina Freitas


Tânia Franco


Álvaro Martino


Leonor Freitas

This transformation encapsulates the quintessential spirit of Quinta do Vesúvio, bridging its timeless heritage with modern functionality seamlessly.

Graphic Design:

Catarina Freitas

Duarte Tormenta

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