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A Project of a Total Life is a very dear, self initiated digital gallery by Yucca Studio.

We are sure that, in everything in life, there is the act of learning, and that especially includes our traveling. When we’re totally honest, that same honesty is conveyed to others, so our hobby has been to sort of follow that honesty around. Through analogue photography and traveling, we have been capturing endearing details of beautiful souls.

Project by Yucca Studio

Client & Year:

Self initiated project


Art Director & Graphic Design:

Catarina Freitas


Tânia Franco


Diana Freitas


Lourenço Providência

Following one of the brilliant books by School of Life, “How to Travel”, we’ve created this archive of lovely, good looking and truthful people, bodies, landscapes and, if we are lucky enough to stumble upon them, incredible pets and animals that are, for sure, smarter than us.

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