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Dividing her time between Los Angeles and New York, chasing after newfound combinations of light and texture, Malone explores the abstract and sculptural possibility of photography. Her work has been published in Interview, Vogue and the New York Times, and she has also worked with brands like Adidas, Levi's, Glossier, Sephora, and Chanel.

Yucca Studio had the chance to design Olivia Malone brand new website.

Our idea was to create a sense of digital "Exhibition", thinking about how the body of work moves in space, and how photography can possess all that surrounds it, in this digital medium that is the website.

"Exhibitions are wonderful things: they bring artworks & people together. They are how we discover art, and their task is to open a palpable physical and temporal relationship that sparks the production of knowledge."

Project by Yucca Studio

Client & Year:

Olivia Malone


Art Director & Graphic Design:

Yucca Studio


Yucca Studio

Development :

Luís Ferreira


Tânia Franco

The result is a transparent and open digital gallery in which the viewer is not dominated by the architecture or guided through a succession of rooms in an imposed narrative but, at all times, understands and is able to perceive the digital space in its entirety, controlling his or her path through it. Because the works are off the wall, the viewer is able to navigate around, deciding how he wants to experience the work, hopefully feeling less intimidated by them.

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