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Very little has changed in the last years, except that everything is far more pumped up now - inflated even. In Betina's world, everything is magical, small, subtle, tender and peaceful.

Together with the atmosphere created by her work, the website intends to be a space for this new world, new light, new vision.

The white space and clear environment gives a sense of contemplation, so that things can find their way to us, and not the opposite. This is a space that values connections, instigating conversations between the work and the digital place it occupies.

Project by Yucca Studio

Client & Year:

Betina Du Toit


Art Director & Graphic Design:

Yucca Studio

Catarina Freitas


Tânia Franco


Yucca Studio

Catarina Freitas

It is a world of dreams, where images leave uncertain traces in our memory, carefully planted with tenderness, care, intimacy, affection and endearment.

We want to create the perfect harmony, where everything is slow, peaceful, giving us time to inhale and exhale together. Here, we have space to breath.

It is her sensitive world, separate from the chaos outside.

Special Thanks:

Grilli Type

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