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Studio8 is an architecture and material design lab working between crafts and digital tools to bring forward new planet-centered solutions for space design, materials and waste reclaim. Their practice lies between architecture, material design, digital scenography and urban strategies.

For that reason, the project, designed in collaboration with Mecha studio, is based on the concepts of Materiality, Optimism and Interstice.

Aiming to explore sensations, experimentation and "Happiness as a Surface", the brand identity intends to explore the relationship between space, feelings and market.

Project by Yucca Studio & Mecha Studio

Client & Year:

Studio 8


Project by:

Yucca Studio

Mecha Studio

Art Direction & Graphic Design:

Yucca Studio


GT Haptik GT Cinetype


Yucca Studio

Studio8 celebrates the past, the present and the future, the efficiency of digital fabrication and the human resonance of crafters poetics.

Special Thanks:

Grilli Type

Gráfica Saúde Sá

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