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Motivated by the desire of generating Design that matters, we, as a studio, decided to spend some time thinking about our own Visual Identity. The connection with the organic world of nature is obvious in relation to the color palette and in relation to the name "Yucca" itself. Despite its discrete and neutral appeal, Yucca has quite a few symbolic meanings: new opportunities, loyalty, protection and purity.

Project by Yucca Studio

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Self Initiated


Art Director & Graphic Design:

Yucca Studio



Haas Grotesk



Yucca Studio


Diana Freitas


Tânia Franco

As creatives, we aim to contribute to a society in which the main values that determine how things are done or how people are treated are not maximization, growth for the sake of growth and financial benefit, but rather more ephemeral, impossible qualities to measure. These values are here, among us, and we all know that, when present at work, they are really felt and perceived. We believe they are as real as money, success, or deadlines.

The studio emerged from a growing interest in the world of culture and education, and from the enormous desire to act in favor of human growth. It is a pleasure to share our vision with you.

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